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Breo wowo Ball Grip Ball

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Small and portable, a pocket sized wellness tool. Keeping exercise fun!!!

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1、Can I use it if my skin is sensitive?
We use antibacterial anti-allergic material for skin contact. At the same time, stains can be cleaned with alcohol.

2、A/S policy?
We maintain free for 1 year; return and exchange free for 14 days.

3、Can children use?
We suggest that children should not use massager under the age of 7.

PLEASE NOTE breo wowo ball is ONLY for Pre-Sale NOW!

breo wowo ball is out for presale now! The estimated delivery will start around three weeks later. Limited 1005pcs worldwide.


Free gift from breo and Xiao Zhan for everyone, one per person, and only 10€ for shipping. OR free shipping when your actual purchase is over 49.99€. HURRY before it is gone.