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  • Breo iSee M Eye Massager APP Smart Control Folding Portable
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Breo iSee M Eye Massager APP Smart Control Folding Portable

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1 Year Warranty

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Weight: 275g

DIMENSION: 210×75×110 (mm)

Charging Port: Micro USB

Charging Time: 2 hrs

Battery Duration: 140 min


Power: 5W

Input: 5V

Working Session: 10 min

Massage Mode: Pressure / Warm-Compress

Temperature: 42~49℃

MATERIALS: PU / ABS / Fabricfabric / ABS

Color: Grey

Accessory: USB Cable/User Manual

Others: App Control

What's included

breo isee M*1

USB charger*1

breo bag*1

user's manual*1


1、Can I use it if my skin is sensitive?
We use antibacterial anti-allergic material for skin contact. At the same time, stains can be cleaned with alcohol.

2、A/S policy?
We maintain free for 1 year; return and exchange free for 14 days.
3、Can children use iSee M?
We suggest that children should not use eye massager under the age of 7.

4. How to Customize Your iSeeM through Breo App?

① Download and install the Breo app from Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iPhone or iPad.
② Position you and your mobile device near your iSeeM Eye Massager.
③ The massager will automatically go into pairing mode once it is turned on.
④ Turn on "Bluetooth" on your mobile devices.
⑤ Run the Breo app, go to "Add Device". Your massager will show up on the screen in a few seconds. Tap "Confirm" to connect.
⑥ Go to "Bluetooth" settings, pair the audio Bluetooth (with a headphone icon before the device name) of the eye massager to your phone.
⑦ Go back to the Breo app, tap on “Custom mode” :
1) You can set up 3 modes per your preferences.
2) Tap on “Freq” (Frequency) to switch between High, Middle, Low.
3) Tap on “Temp” (Temperature) to select from 42 to 47ºC.
4) Tap on "Air" to adjust the air pressure from min to max.
5) Tap on “Timer” to customize the working duration from 3min to 20min.
⑧ When you finish the settings, tap on the Start/Pause icon to start the massage.
⑨ You can rename the modes that you’ve settled by tapping on the pen icon.
⑩ If you’d like to enjoy your preferred music, run your music app and play. The massager will work at the same time as a Bluetooth speaker.

5. Can I use all the functions without the app?

The iSeeM eye massager can work and help relax without the app. There are 3 preset modes at your choice, which can be switched by pressing on the Power On/Off button. There aren't pre-recorded music or nature sounds in this device, so you will have to pair it with your phone, and play your own music where the device works like a bt speaker.

6. Where do i get the app?

Please install the "breo" app on Google Play Store or App store to customize the massage program in addition to the three preset modes. Enjoy a more relaxing eye massage with your own music, adjustable volume, intensity and heat.

7. Can you use with heat without massage?

Yes, you can use our iSee M with Heat without massage.
If you only need the Heat function, please choose Soft Mode.

Our iSeeM Eye Massager has 3 preset massage programs.
Mode 1: SOFT Duration: 10 minutes Heating Function: On Air Pressure: Off
Mode 2: MED Duration: 10 minutes Heating Function: On Air Pressure: On
Mode 3: HARD Duration: 10 minutes Heating Function: Off Air Pressure: On

iSee m help - an eye massage with gentle air pressure

How can iSee M help?

Smart air pressure relieves eye fatigue caused by the frequent use of mobile phones. The customized heat compression techniques can efficiently reduce your eye dryness after hours of highly concentrated work as well as chronic headaches.

music via bluetooth

Music via Bluetooth.

What if the basic nature background sound is not enough to meet your need? iSee M is here to provide a whole new massage journey, you can play your own playlists through the music function in the APP while enjoying eye therapy.

personalized eye massage

Unlock your 100% personalized eye massage.

1.  Heating control:  42-47℃(107.6-116.6℉), heat compression brings refreshing to your tired eyes
2.  4 Modes: besides the basic SOFT/MED/HARD modes, Breo smart APP allows you to set the massager mode as you like.
3.  Play your own music list via APP connection gives you a more pleasant massage.

smart temperature control

Smart temperature control

You can always choose a heat level according to your needs. Accurate target heating can accelerate blood circulation, effectively relieves eye fatigue, also help you improve dark circles & achieve healthier eyes.

easy to clean and antibacterial TPU

Easy-Clean Antibacterial TPU.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane imported from Korea can eliminate the risk of direct contact with bacteria, protect your sensitive eye skin with gentle care. Breo pays more attention to ensuring your personal hygiene while developing comfortable massage techniques.

foldable design

Ready to go with foldable design.

Foldable design makes iSee M portable and easy to store. With a net weight of only 275g, it becomes a personal masseur in your pocket. The foldable design also enables a fully fitting precise massage within reach. In addition, it can be used for a long time with only 2 hours of charging, which ensures you can use it wherever you go.

  • breo isee M*1/ USB charger*1/ breo bag*1/ user's manual*1

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