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Breo iDream5S - All in one APP controlled Massager for Head Eye and Neck

All-in-one massage to your head, eyes, and neck. iDream 5s combined benefits from these massages together is a more restful sleep.

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PRODUCT NAME: breo iDream 5S
DIMENSION: L10 x W8.2 x H9.5 (in)
MODEL: iDream 5s
ACCESSORIES: adaptor / charging cable
MATERIALS: ABS / PU / protein leather

What's included

breo iDream 5s *1
USB cable *1
breo bag *1
user's menu *1


1、Can I use it if my skin is sensitive?
We use antibacterial anti-allergic material for skin contact. At the same time, stains can be cleaned with alcohol.
2、A/S policy?
We maintain free for 1 year; return and exchange free for 14 days.
3、Can children use iDream 5S?
We suggest that children should not use massager under the age of 7.

4.How long does the battery last?

Hello, according to laboratory tests, a full charge lasts about two weeks of use, once a day for 10-15 minutes. We recommend you charge the device after 7 to 8 uses to ensure sufficient massage power and heat application temperature.

⚠Due to weight restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to Switzerland at this time

All-in-one massage

Upgraded with Breo-patented technologies, iDream 5s applies shiatsu massage to your scalp, sophisticated heating and air compressed massage to your eyes, and at the same time non-invasive kneading massage to your upper neck. The combined benefits from these massages together is a more restful sleep.

Acupoints-kneading massage brings deep relaxation.

The 150 nodes of iDream 5S apply a non-invasive kneading and shiatsu massage to a wider range of the center scalp area, effectively melting away your brain strain and fatigue so as to help the body unwind and promote sleeping.

Size-adjustable helmet and removeable Goggles.

This massage helmet can be easily adjusted to fit in. Meanwhile, the goggles can be removed so that you can even enjoy the iDream5s while working, reading or watching a movie.

One-touch operation.

iDream 5S is super user-friendly. One-button switch allows you to activate a nice massage simultaneously to your scalp, eyes and neck.

Made of upgraded fine leather.

The replacement of the previous cloth cover of the airbags with cutting-edge protein leather, which is a softer, more durable alternative, definitely adds the comfort and joy of your massage experience.

  • breo iDream 5s*1/ USB cable*1/ breo bag*1/ user's manuel*1

  • vict822


    For me, the strength is quite ok, if go bit stronger would then be perfect; heating is a usual problem of Breo products, just too weak to be feel; the adjustment through the cell phone makes not much difference. I use it every night before closing my eyes, the most important thing is the headache and eyes pain is relieved quite a lot when I wakeup in the morning. So it meets with my expectation.

  • ishy123


    Very relaxing. Especially after a long day at work.
    There is a built in speaker and music, however I think it would be a nice touch to be able to add own music or stream from mobile to the unit.
    If your unsure and think this is a gimmick it really is not. Try it, thank me later

  • christian urban

    Christian Urban

    Super fast delivery. I have been working from home for two years now. Not sure why I didn’t purchase this amazing head massager earlier, saved me from zoom call headaches.

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