Breo massage gun

Breo Massagun S1 Review from @nicki_testet

The Breo Massage Gun

I received the Breo Massage Gun S1 to test. This is really nice and small and handy with a width of 79 mm and a height of 116.5 mm. Just for comparison, a smartphone is bigger. It lies very well in the hand and is also easy to use. It is charged via USB Type-C, a suitable cable is also included in the scope of delivery. A 1100 mAh battery is included in the Breo massage gun. It takes two hours to fully charge the battery. Depending on how often I use the massage gun and which level I select, the battery will of course last accordingly.

There are two buttons on the handle. With these I can turn the massage gun on/off, change levels and pause. To turn on the massage gun, I press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Here I can also set the four different speed levels. Above is the pause button. This is intended to stop and start again. In terms of volume, it is very pleasant. The manufacturer specifies the volume as 50 dB and it is really pleasantly quiet.

breo massage gun

The Breo massage gun in action

At the beginning it is important to find out at what angle the massage gun should be held to the massaging surface. But you quickly feel what the perfect angle should be. It is also important not to exert any pressure at all or to get it even, otherwise it feels like a hammer drill on the skin. The massage gun is really powerful: In the beginning I would recommend starting with a small level and practicing with the device, because the different speed levels are tough. So far I have mostly only used the first stage and that was completely sufficient for me, because it already has a lot of power.

I've used the massage gun a lot now and my son and boyfriend enjoy it. It is really effective in relieving tension and feels like a professional massage. Very often I have severe tension in the shoulders and neck and also muscle pain or sore muscles in the thighs. After sport or a long day at work, the device gives you real deep relaxation and the pain disappears. I find it very pleasant and it just does me good. It's also handy for those days when I'm at the computer for a long time, which unfortunately is very often the case. There are many instructional videos on Youtube and it is very easy to use at home and give yourself some relaxation.

I also find the volume very pleasant. I can also use the device in the evening in front of the television without it being annoying or having to turn up the volume on the television.

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In conclusion, I can only say that the Breo massage gun is definitely worth the money because you can simply feel that you are dealing with a quality product. It loosens the muscles, releases tension and I don't give it up anymore.